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Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

On-Line Zoologic Curriculum

Q: When will I receive my Zoologic Log-in information?
A: You will receive your Zoologic log-in information within 2-3 business days of your CPM Program registration and payment. This will be sent to you via email at the email address you provide on your registration form.

Q: How do I get to the ACPM Zoologic Site?
A: The link will be included with your log-in information. You can also access it here: Zoologic Curriculum Log-in.

Q: Is the ACPM Zoologic site accessible on an iPad?
A: Currently the Zoologic site is not supported on an iPad. For Zoologic Technical Requirements, click here

Q: How can I retrieve my password if it is forgotten?
A: The ACPM office does not have access to your Zoologic profile. If you have forgotten your password, please contact

Q: What if I have questions about the CPM online curriculum?
A: Contact Natalie Ramos at
or 212-261-6791.

Q: What if I experience technical issues with the Zoologic website?
A: You can contact CPM Support at or 646-971-5144
with a description of your issue and your contact information.

Q: After completing the entire Zoologic lesson it still shows as incomplete what do I do?
A: The lesson will show as "incomplete" if all pages of the lesson have not been viewed. To correct this, click on the table of contents icon on the bottom right of the lesson (looks like a piece of paper) and make sure all of the pages and exercises have a check mark. If not, you will need to go to that particular page or you can go to page 1 of the lesson and slowly flip through all of the pages until you reach the end, and exit the lesson. The lesson should be marked as "completed".

Q: How much time is needed to complete the CPM online curriculum?
A: It is anticipated that each candidate spends roughly 150 - 200 hours to complete the program.

Q: If there are multiple test levels offered, which are we required to take?
A: Participants are required to take the most advanced level test that is offered. For example, if Basic or Intermediate are your choices, you would take the Intermediate. The only instance where a Basic level can be chosen is if it is the only level offered.

Q: What is the minimum score to pass the Zoologic exams? If I do not pass can I retake the exam?
A: You must score an 80% or higher. If you do not score an 80% or higher, you can re-take the exam as many times as needed. Each time you re-take the exam, the questions will be different but comparable in terms of difficulty and content covered.

Q: Can I use a financial calculator when taking the Zoologic exams?
A: Yes. In fact, we highly recommend that you do use one. You may also use Microsoft Excel or a comparable spreadsheet program to make financial calculations. ACPM suggests a HP-12c 25th Anniversary Edition for a financial calculator. If you intend to purchase a calculator be sure it is a relatively new version. An older version tends to be slow, has less data storage capability, and can sometimes give a slightly different answer due to less precise rounding of intermittent calculations.

Q: When taking a Zoologic exam, if I miss a question by a very narrow margin, can I receive credit for this answer?
A: Yes. If you miss a question by a very narrow margin that indicates the difference between passing and not passing, you may be able to get credit and then receive a passing grade. For example, if you score a 70% on an exam and while looking at the incorrect answers notice that one of your incorrect answers was $157.26 and the correct answer was $157.28, you can request credit for this question. If credit is granted, your score will be adjusted to 80%. Unfortunately, in these circumstances once you have received credit for the narrowly missed question it will not populate on the Zoologic site, but for CPM purposes you have received credit for completing the module. CPM credits are tracked separately from the Zoologic transcript.

Q: How do I request credit for a narrowly missed answer/rounding error?
A: All credit requests should be submitted in writing to Natalie Ramos at
 or 212-261-6791. You must include with your email a screen shot that shows the question, your answer marked incorrect and the correct answer. To do this:

  1. Click on "Review or Retake Test"
  2. Click on "Review Test"
  3. Click on the Red X on the question you missed for which you are requesting credit. This takes you to the screen which shows both your answer marked wrong and the correct answer.
  4. Press "Control P" to Print the screen
  5. In the drop down menu to select the printer, click on Adobe PDF
  6. Save the file and name it with the Module & Question number, i.e. Math Boot Camp Q1
  7. Email your request along with the PDF.

Q: Will there be a message displayed in Zoologic when I have completed the last exam confirming that I have successfully completed the online curriculum?
A: No, there is not a message displayed.  

Q: Do the Zoologic online courses qualify for continuing education for other designations?
A: Yes. In many cases, credit for completed modules that apply for other designations can be downloaded from the Zoologic site. You can access this under the message board by scrolling down to accreditation and clicking on the live link within the first paragraph.

Onsite Class at Columbia University in New York

Q. Where do we stay and what is the dress code?

A:  Attendees are responsible for accommodations. Dress code is Business Casual.

Q. Are meals included with the tuition.
A. Yes, breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Q: What will be covered on the final exam at Columbia?
A: The final exam will consist of multiple choice questions on material covered during your week at Columbia.

Q: What happens if I do not pass the final exam at Columbia?
A: As long as you attend all the courses and pay attention you shouldn't have any problems passing. If for any reason you do not, the ACPM Board of Directors will make recommendations.

Q: Can I use a  calculator when taking the final exam at Columbia?
A: Yes, but it does not need to be a financial calculator.


Graduation from Columbia University and Receiving the CPM® Designation

Q: What do I receive upon graduation?

A: You will be presented with a certificate of completion from the Academy of Certified Portfolio Managers and a congratulatory commendation from Columbia University. Both will be given to you at the graduation ceremony in New York.

Q: When can I begin using the CPM® designation?
A: Once you have completed the entire program and graduated.

Q: What am I required to do to maintain my designation?
A: Click here for more information on maintaining the designation.