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Executive Committee


What we do

We shall oversee the day-to-day operations of ACPM to the extent permitted by law. The Committee shall
plan all meetings of the Board of Directors and prepare the agenda for Board of
Directors’ meetings


Current Committee List

Members: Harvey Snider, Timothy Lynch, Patrick McFadden, Linda Weitz-Stone




What we do

We promote and increase awareness of ACPM to colleagues.  We shall discuss and recommend proposals affecting the academic program of the college and courses, including but not limited to course proposals, program changes, addition and deletion of programs, CPM requirements, and general policies with impact on instruction and learning.


Current Committee List
Chair:  Timothy Lynch, Frank DiRocco
Members: Patrick McFadden, Travis Frayard, Travis Tucker




What we do

We oversee all aspects of building the conference on behalf of the Board.  We plan the annual ACPM Conference and selection of educational content.


Current Committee List

Chair:  Alan Canete, Cal Perez

Members: Patrick McFadden, Stephen Laddy, William Lewis


Member Services


What we do

We determine future vision, with goals and measurable objectives for ACPM. Encourage active member participation year-round by providing knowledge sharing and community building utilizing featured speaker calls, webinars, peer interviews, website content and development of helpful resources. We welcome new members and reach out to the existing membership for ideas and feedback on what would be of interest and value.


Current Committee List

Chair:  Harvey Snider, Mick Graham

Members:  Patrick McFadden, Chris Doran, Kelly Rushing, Linda Weitz-Stone


New Contracts


What we do
We successfully execute a new, long term residential teaching agreement with Columbia University. We will develop and prove viable a plan for expanding the CPM credential internationally. 


Current Committee List
Chair: Frank DiRocco, William Lewis, Linda Weitz-Stone

Members:  Harvey Snider, Timothy Lynch, Patrick McFadden