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CPM Maintenance

ACPM Continuing Education Policy

Effective 2013, ACPM maintains a self-auditing policy.  Each CPM® Graduate must earn 20 hours of CE per year; however, ACPM will not require proof or back up of credits earned. In January of each year, each PM Graduate needs to sign into their member profile, click on Manage Profile, then on Professional Development, then the Journal Entries tab and then click on Add Entry, select CPM Maintenance then enter info certifying that 20 hours of CE were earned in the previous year.  You may print out a certificate after entry had been submitted on the Certifications/Program tab.

Participants in the CPM® program will be given credit for the first year and one-half after graduation year.

                   Example:  If you graduated in 2011, you must earn and report credits beginning
                   in the year 2013.

Payment of Annual Membership Dues in ACPM are required to maintain the CPM® designation.  Payment of dues begins in January, following graduation from the CPM® program.

Why Earn the CPM?

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